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December 28, 2013
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KG: Rly old senpai by Klouddd KG: Rly old senpai by Klouddd
For :iconsparklesplz::iconki-gakuen::iconsparklesplz:

Name: Viktor Van Roy.

Nick name: TBA

Gender: Male

Age: 18 (150+)

Height: 5"9 | 175cm

Tree: Cape Chestnut.

* Medical treatment.
* Cheering people up.
* He's an expert in fancy cursive writing. (Because he's ancient.)

Overly-friendly | Talkative | Self-absorbed | Clingy | Stupid | Oblivious | Childish | Spoiled | Demanding | Passionate
To sum things up, he's a dumbass. :iconimsotiredplz:
Seriously. He's really stupid, and oblivious. He really won't understand any sarcasm, or inside jokes. You'd have to be direct with him.

He's also really clingy. If he thinks you're his friend, or if you're a pretty girl, and he likes you, he'll tell you. He doesn't really flirt. He doesn't know how. But he'd follow you around and be overly friendly, and try to get you to notice him/like him back. You know, like in that childish, elementary school kind of way? He can be a bit melodramatic and might overreact to stupid things. And he talks a lot and asks a bunch of questions too. So he might and probably WILL come off as annoying. LOL.

He was raised in a wealthy household, and had maids to do everything for him too, so he can't do chores for shit. Don't even bother asking, he'll just ruin and mess everything up. He's completely useless in everything besides anything doctor and medical related lol. He may also seem or sound a bit demanding or bossy the way he orders people about sometimes. He's not intending to be rude or anything, he's not used to addressing people politely unless they're of high status.

He's also pretty self-centered and self-absorbed. He likes things his way, and is quick to blame others for his problems if he runs into one. Being naive, he may say or do reckless and irresponsible things just out of impulse and current feelings. He can read other's emotions pretty well, but usually he's just too stupid to think much of it and brushes it off, or he's too afraid to bring it up.

Overall, he's a pretty useless OC besides the fact that he's really skilled at his job. His tactics to helping you feel better may be strange or seem like it's full of shit, but his methods work. He often has a happy, stupid look on his face so if you're sick and he tells you to do something stupid, he's serious. Just go along with it. He's a doctor. :iconsparklesplz:

* He has old school manners so he still bows/kisses a girl's hand and stuff when greeting people.
* Often feels embarrassed seeing female students around because their skirts are shorter and THEIR ANKLES ARE SHOWING.
* Offers girls marriage if he likes them because what is dating..????
* He gets frightened by electronics and will probably hide behind you, freeze up or run away.
* Puts on glasses when he's reading, or doing doctor stuff.

+ Making friends
+ Helping people
+ Pretty girls
+ Money
+ Winning
+ Talking
+ Reading
+ Learning new stuff
+ Horses
+ Victorian clothing/music/etc
+ People with good manners

- Being broke
- Losing
- Being ignored/alone
- Insects
- People with bad manners
- Disrespect

Tree points: 300 TP

:iconviktorvanroy: :iconsaysplz: *bows* Pleased to make your acquaintance. How do you do? :iconsparklesplz:

Reason of death:
Viktor was born sometime during the 1850's and comes from a fairly wealthy family. Both his parents were pretty successful doctors in this Victorian era, so they had a pretty good, stable source of income. He would often watch his parents while they were treating patients, and started to become interested in medical study and wanted to be a doctor to follow after his parents.

At the age of 13, he was already helping out his parents in their clinic by doing little things here and there and was good at the job. Their clinic became more popular after his joining in the family business and so they became slightly wealthier. On his 18th birthday, he got permission from his parents to start up his own clinic, so he did.

After moving out, he found a nice, smaller mansion in town and set up his business there. His clinic/home had a big Cape Chestnut tree outside that he'd always look at because it made the clinic look nicer from the outside with all of it's flowers and whatnot. Viktor would usually take breaks from work to go sit under it and take a nap or read or something. It basically kept him in a good mood because it was pretty. His patients would like to look at it as well because it made them feel better when they're sick. So the tree was a good tree okay.

During the winter, Viktor got a cold and was trying to attempt cooking for the first time since his servants had the day off. He thought it couldn't be that hard since if he could make medicine it shouldn't be that hard to cook. But because he's never cooked or handled a stove in his life, he was nervous and was trying so hard to just cook something edible. After managing to do so, he was happy and immediately took it to the dining room to go eat and he forgot to put the fire in the stove out. So in the end, the whole mansion and garden and just the whole estate burned down and he died in it because he was never destined to do house work. ( ^ q ^ )

Reason for being a tree spirit:
Well, his death was an accident so obviously, Viktor still had an attachment to his clinic, and home. He misses the Cape Chestnuts the most because to him, it's what made his work and home a nicer and happier place.
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ChromaticHearts Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh man
your child is bishie
but also a loser in a good way ofc
oh gosh
he's like ki gakuen's tamaki suoh or something
oh man pls notice my daughter
omg what i--
tamaki suoh. he's not nearly cool enough to be compared to ouran characters pls omg sobs :icongtthplz:

bishie loser senpai notices everyone alskdjf come play with him!
ChromaticHearts Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
he lived in victorian times man
that's hella cool
and he blushes at ankles
wheeze can i send you a note for rp???
victorian times were hella  sexist tho LMAO

and yes you can!
:iconomg-blushplz: omg senpai please teach me how to write fancy and cursive :iconyellowsparklesplz: :iconholyshitohmygodplz: :iconyellowsparklesplz:
:iconohstopityouplz: s-senpai you make me blush too much my heart feels too complicated after that fancy wonk
pfffthahaha laffs but that wink icon really cracked me up well he is a dorky loser so there might be people who might swoon for him//hit
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